171 Wellingborough Road

Northampton NN1 4DX

Charcoal Grill - Cocktail Bar - Shisha Lounge





From Tuck In Cafe to Tuck In Restaurant. Now Complete with a traditional Charcoal Grill, and a modern 7 metre long luxury Cocktail Bar. The Shisha Lounge will be another big transformation that is even bigger now with a traditional atmosphere that is created with lighting and the best shisha in Northampton and surrounding areas. 

Enjoy your breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner with us. You can come have your morning coffee or afternoon tea, we accommodate all. We are opening from 8 am in the morning till 1 am at night and until 2am on weekends.


With a English traditional history that Tuck In has carried, it now blends and mixes traditions together with Turkish, English and European cuisine.


Enjoy the traditional interiors designed and completed to enhance the atmosphere and to create a space different from any other restaurant in Northampton. 


Instagram-able hot-spot with amazing and unique details.     

Turkish food is all about fresh, authentic, tasty food, especially when it’s from Tuck In Restaurant and Shisha Bar on Wellingborough Road, Northampton. Gone are the days where it’s greasy and a hangover cure, it’s now become a wonderful experience to be enjoyed at any time of the year for any occasion.

Tuck In is situated in the centre of Wellingborough Road and provides a wonderful high end restaurant. This was originally Tuck In Cafe and has recently transformed into a luxury restaurant with cocktail bar.

This restaurant is open breakfast, lunch and dinner and stays open until 2am on the weekends.

The restaurant has been renovated with an attention to detail style. It has elements of Turkish and English style which accommodates parties, couples and families. As soon as you enter the restaurant the staff are accommodating and polite.


171 Wellingborough Road, Northampton NN1 4DX

01604 460081

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